Monday, 12 September 2011

Jumping in a lake - a sobering experience

Regular visitors to this blog will be well aware I like pubs and I invest a lot of my spare time in pursuit of the finest examples.
While a top sportsman like Wayne Rooney would consider himself ‘in the zone’ as he lets fly an unstoppable shot, my equivalent would be nestled next to an open fire with a good pint of Black Sheep.
So it will come as no surprise to hear that doggy paddling across a freezing lake in Scotland, or hauling my carcass around a running course, are not activities which naturally agree with me.
But on Saturday September 24 I am travelling up to Scotland to take part in the Great Scottish Swim, a 2km outdoor swim in the icy cold Strathclyde Lock.
I will then be jumping into a car and travelling back down to Preston to take part in the Preston 10k run the following morning.
The third leg of my challenge will be to remain standing for long enough after the run to make it to the nearest pub!
So far my training has resulted in a sprained ankle, which as I write is strapped up with frozen peas – all has gone to plan so far!
I am doing these events in memory of my dad Brian, who died of pancreatic cancer five years ago, at the age of 56.
While many cancers have seen brilliant progress in diagnosis and survival rates, pancreatic cancer which has the lowest survival rate of any cancer, has seen no such improvements.
I am raising cash for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund and if anyone would like to donate at it would be very much appreciated.
If anyone would like to know more about pancreatic cancer and the research which is being conducted into it can visit

Many thanks Ben

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