Monday, 7 November 2011

Fox and Grapes, Fox Street, Preston

If you have never stopped into the Fox and Grapes, my advice is to go along on Tuesday December 6. The good old cliché goes, first impressions last and if ever there is a night for good impressions, it is then.
Why a blustery cold Tuesday in November?
Well because on the first Tuesday of every month the pub holds its cult ‘For Fox Sake’ comedy night.
The free night, which is hosted by long-time compere Alan Donegan, manages to attract high profile comedians more used to performing on big stages, television and radio, rather than in the corner of a small pub.
But come these wits do in their droves, to try out their new material before performing on much larger stages around the North West.
A compere who knows many of the regulars and doles out merciless one-liners to them in between performances from some really sharp comedians, makes for a great atmosphere and a brilliant night.
And best of all its free. Well the comedy is, you still have to pay for the drinks but on that front there are always a good couple of real ales to choose from.
Inside every inch of wall space is covered with a clutter of beer mats, flags, pictures, foreign banks notes and countless other random items.
The first time I went into the pub I thought ‘That’s a bit much’.
Then when I got home with an aching jaw from laughing so much, I looked at the wardrobe and realised I was in the process of building myself a similar assorted collection.  
The pub also has a juke box, table football and television at the back but retains a strong feeling of tradition.
Having eulogised so long about the monthly comedy night, you could be forgiven for thinking it is the only night it is worth your while visiting the place.
This is not the case but if ever there was chance to give a lasting first impression, it is the first Tuesday of the month.

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